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第一回Yokohama Max Meditation System™のイベント / The 1st event of Yokohama Max Meditation System™

チーム「Yokohama Max Meditation System™」の第一回目のイベントが9月27日月曜日に横浜で開催されました。

The first event of team "Yokohama Max Meditation System ™" was held on Monday, 27th September in Yokohama.


The first session was a meditation in English and Japanese, and the second session was a magical experience time to experience healing and divination.


Here, I will report how the event was like with some photos.


Max Meditation System™の瞑想会の参加者の様子と感想:

The photos, and the impressions about the meditation by the participants.



"In the scene of throwing thoughts into the river, various thoughts were coming up to me one after another.

I was so surprised to find out that there were so many thoughts in my head as I repeatedly flushed them into the river."


"I've meditated many times before, but it was the first time for me to become one with the universe while meditating. It was a very refreshing experience."


"The tone of the singing bowl was so pleasant that I felt really comfortable."


Tea time with homemade cake and herbal tea:


In the second part, Experience The Magic, we had a healing session called DNA Activation, and free divination sessions such as channelling, and tarot reading.


Here is the impression by the participant who received DNA activation:


"I felt my body getting warmer during the activation, and I also felt a magical vibration on my back."


During the activation procedure, I myself was surrounded by a feeling of bliss.


While activating the client's etheric DNA with the crystal wand, a lot of light from the universe is injected into the client through my body and the crystal wand.


In fact, after receiving DNA activation, there is a clear change in the aura.


Here are the photos of the aura before and after the DNA activation.

チャネリングセッションの様子 / Photo of the channeling session


最後に。。。 / Lastly...

私は、今後もチーム「Yokohama Max Meditation System™」の活動を通じて、また個人ヒーラーとして「英語と日本語を組み合わせた独自の瞑想会」やマジカルな体験会を積極的に展開していきます。

I will continue to actively develop "our unique meditation that combines English and Japanese", as well as a magical experience session, as an individual healer and through the activities of the "Yokohama Max Meditation System™" team.


My goal is connecting people from all over the world as equal beings, regardless of any kind of difference that divides us, such as nationality, race, religion, culture, customs, gender (and sexual orientation), disability, generation, or social class.


And through our services, I will do my utmost to realize a world where everyone in the world discovers the purpose of life, the joy of living, reaffirms that we humans are the same "friends of the earth", respects each other's individuality, and lives equally and peacefully.


If anyone agrees with the purpose of our activities, we look forward to hearing from you.


We will continue to provide exciting information, so please look forward to it.


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