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Report: Welcome 2022 Festival- 幸せのトビラを開くヒーリングスポット(The healing spot that opens the door of happines)

12月28日、大崎ブライトコアホールで「Welcome 2022 Festival」に参加してきました。

We participated in the "Welcome 2022 Festival" held at Osaki Bright Core Hall on 28th December.


I wasn't originally interested in the spiritual world, healing, or divination, but since I started working as a certified healer at the Modern Mystery School, I've had more opportunities to come to an event venue like this, and every time, I get surprised at the number of people who are deeply knowledgeable and curious about invisible world.


This event was held at the end of the year, which is the busiest time for many Japanese people, so the number of visitors on that day was not very large.


Nevertheless, eight people came to our booth, and seven people received our most recommended healing, "Life activation."


After the session, everyone was surrounded by a beautiful aura, everyone's eyes were sparkling, and the word "shining from the inside" was perfect for them.


I hope that more and more people will have the experience of "shining from the inside" by receiving Life activation.


Click here for more information on Life activation.


In 2022, I will continue to actively participate in and hold many events in order to connect with and expand our connections with many wonderful people.


I wish all of you a very happy new year.


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