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Zero Point Healing

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What can Zero Point Healing do?

It gives homeostasis, a state of wellbeing and healing.

What is Zero Point?
Also called Ensof, it means the root of all things, the source of light, nothingness, the undefinable - the source from which we humans originate.

In other words, the zero point is the infinite, free and liberated original self in the universe.

What is Zero Point Technology?
It is a technology that can bring about zero-point, or Ensof state, using Amega wand.

What can Amega Wand do?

It can create a zero point condition.

By creating a zero point state, healing occurs from within you, restoring your original energy and accelerating the process of realisation.

What does homeostasis mean?
It is a state of stability of the internal and external conditions maintained by the organism.

In other words, a balanced state of being.

Zero Point brings people homeostasis with healing that comes from within, leading to a state of better health and well-being.

Time: approx. 1 hour

Fee: 15,000 yen.

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