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About Me

The film “The Sound of Music”, which I saw in the upper grades of primary school, was the catalyst for my fascination with the world of foreign films and music.

In high school, I joined ESS (English Speaking Society), a club specialising in Shakespeare, which I was an avid reader of at the time, and became passionate about writing English play scripts.

After graduating from the early childhood education faculty of a junior college, I worked as a kindergarten teacher for three years.

Then, with a desire to see a wider world, I took a language course in the UK.

There, I met the Swiss man who would later become my husband.

After marriage, I lived in Switzerland, took up German and also worked in a bank.

A few years later, in search of a new challenge in a new environment, I returned to Japan with my husband.

Thereafter, I remained a salaried employee for quite a long time, enjoying an annual long holiday in Europe every year. 

I was diagnosed with depression after losing my beloved cat, which upset my physical and mental balance, and I encountered the Max Meditation System™ and Life Activation, which helped me to overcome my depression.

Later, I had a revelatory experience with the Adept Programme and made the decision to pursue a life as a healer.

Since then, it has been my faith that 'metaphysics does not choose people, metaphysics is for everyone'.

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The Modern Mystery School Certified Healer


My Mission

The mission of my life is to increase the number of people on this planet who live a free and joyful life as their "true self."

At the same time, I am also devoting energy to promoting the activities of those who are passionate about building a "true peaceful world."

If you have any of the following wishes or thoughts, or if you are already working to make them happen, please do not hesitate to contact me.

☑I want to eliminate inequality, injustice and discrimination from the world.

☑I want to build a society free from bullying, abuse, violence, conflict and war.

☑I want to fundamentally change the school system and education.

☑I want to create a world where humans and animals can coexist happily.

☑I want to stop the destruction of nature and ecosystems due to activities based on human greed.

☑I want to eliminate the social system in which humans control humans (a system in which there are those who have power and those who submit).

☑I want to create a world where everyone has a purpose in life and can live with joy as a true self.

Do you know?
Your experience, knowledge, educational background, qualifications, age, gender, name recognition, title, and appearance are completely irrelevant in promoting these activities.

These are not your essence, but just the ornaments that colour you as a human being.

Please rely on the power of Magic to regain your true self and realize the society you desire.

My Mission

Metaphysics for all!

Sayuri Wietlisbach

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