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About Me

Metaphysics for all!

The film “The Sound of Music”, which I saw in the upper grades of primary school, was the catalyst for my fascination with the world of foreign films and music.

In high school, I joined ESS (English Speaking Society), a club specialising in Shakespeare, which I was an avid reader of at the time, and became passionate about writing English play scripts.

After graduating from the early childhood education faculty of a junior college, I worked as a kindergarten teacher for three years.

Then, with a desire to see a wider world, I took a language course in the UK.

There, I met the Swiss man who would later become my husband.

After marriage, I lived in Switzerland, took up German and also worked in a bank.

A few years later, in search of a new challenge in a new environment, I returned to Japan with my husband.

Thereafter, I remained a salaried employee for quite a long time, enjoying an annual long holiday in Europe every year. 

I was diagnosed with depression after losing my beloved cat, which upset my physical and mental balance, and I encountered the Max Meditation System™ and Life Activation, which helped me to overcome my depression.

Later, I had a revelatory experience with the Adept Programme and made the decision to pursue a life as a healer.

Since then, it has been my faith that 'metaphysics does not choose people, metaphysics is for everyone'.

Sayuri Wietlisbach

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The Modern Mystery School Certified Healer

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