About Me

For a long time, since childhood, I always asked God for one thing.

It was: 'Give me courage'.

Looking back on my childhood, I was not good at obediently following what older people said.

Also, it was painful to always be scolded when I did something different from everyone else.

And as I experienced being scolded more and more, I also developed a sense of inferiority that I might be a bad person.

From the time I was in junior high school, I gradually became tired of the social climate that "juniors always have to follow their seniors obediently" and that "everyone else has to put up with it, so you should put up with it too".

That's when I decided I wanted to leave this country and see a different world.

After working as a kindergarten teacher for three years, I went abroad for the first time.

The first foreign country I visited in my life was the UK.

During my stay in the UK, I experienced the joy of being able to express my opinions freely and the feeling that each person is different and that this is genuinely beautiful and should be respected in the most respectful way.

I then lived in Switzerland for three years with my Swiss husband, whom I met in the UK.

I worked as a company employee in Switzerland and it was an exciting and enjoyable experience working with people of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Since moving back to Japan with my husband, I have worked as a company employee and temporary worker, drawing on my previous experience.

One day, after nearly 30 years of such a life, I began to think that I did not want to endure and work in a slave-like system any longer, and I gradually began to suffer from physical and mental health problems.

I wanted to overcome my mental and physical problems without resorting to psychosomatic drugs, so I joined a meditation event I came across by chance.

It was at that event that I first encountered the Life Activation and Adept Programme.

After the Life Activation, I felt very positive and gradually reduced the dose of my medication and became medication free.

After the Adept programme I realised that my fear of dying had somehow disappeared.

Eventually, I got out of the habit of asking God to give me courage and became more confident in myself.

I became a certified healer at the Modern Mystery School because I wanted so many people to experience the kind of transformation that I experienced.

If you have read this page and would like to hear more from me or have one of my sessions, please contact me.

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The Modern Mystery School Certified Healer
Mental Care Counsellor


My Mission

The mission of my life is to increase the number of people on this planet who live a free and joyful life as their "true self."

At the same time, I am also devoting energy to promoting the activities of those who are passionate about building a "true peaceful world."

If you have any of the following wishes or thoughts, or if you are already working to make them happen, please do not hesitate to contact me.

☑I want to eliminate inequality, injustice and discrimination from the world.

☑I want to build a society free from bullying, abuse, violence, conflict and war.

☑I want to fundamentally change the school system and education.

☑I want to create a world where humans and animals can coexist happily.

☑I want to stop the destruction of nature and ecosystems due to activities based on human greed.

☑I want to eliminate the social system in which humans control humans (a system in which there are those who have power and those who submit).

☑I want to create a world where everyone has a purpose in life and can live with joy as a true self.

Do you know?
Your experience, knowledge, educational background, qualifications, age, gender, name recognition, title, and appearance are completely irrelevant in promoting these activities.

These are not your essence, but just the ornaments that colour you as a human being.

Please rely on the power of Magic to regain your true self and realize the society you desire.