About Me

Seeker after truth of life, peace of mind, and world peace

“The most important thing in life is to maintain a pure heart and not be afraid of anything.”


For decades since I was born, I wasn't interested in the "invisible world" or the "mysterious world."

It may be more correct to say that I didn't want to be deeply involved, rather than not interested.

The reason is simply that "I was scared of the invisible world."

The word "occult" means supernatural phenomena, mysterious phenomena, invisible things, magical powers, etc., but the first thing I associate with each time I hear it was a ghost.

For a long time, I was totally ignorant of the invisible world and didn't even try to understand it.

To briefly explain my work history, I have experienced various jobs, including part-time jobs and temporary employees.

In addition to teaching professions such as kindergarten teacher and tutor, I also worked for a major Japanese bank abroad, regional SMEs, and major foreign companies in Tokyo.

Everything was completely different from what I do now.

On the other hand, I knew that "the world still has an unknown area that cannot be proved by science. It is a world that humans cannot see."

Since I was a kid, I was often wondering, "Where were we before we were born?" "Why do we die?" "Where will my heart and soul go when I die?"

One day, suddenly, "an event that science cannot explain" happened to me.

And since that event, I have rapidly become interested in the "invisible world" and the "mysterious world."

The invisible world was becoming more and more familiar to me.

Eventually, I realized that I had the ability to feel invisible beings.

That is, the power to connect with the "invisible world."

When I opened my heart to the "invisible world,"

mysterious experiences happened one after another.

The first experience that inspired me to get interested in metaphysics (the study of exploring the invisible world through theory, experience, and practice) was not only mysterious, but also a very painful and harsh experience.

However, as a result, through that experience, I was able to face myself in the past and find out the causes of anxiety and fear that I had had since I was a child.

In that harsh mystical experience, I received from God three keywords that lead to my current activities.

The keywords were "light," "convey" and "spread."

When I received these three keywords, I had no idea what they meant.

But one year later, I was studying metaphysics and realized that I had acquired healing skills.

That was the moment when I realized that I was starting the activities of "light," "convey," and "spread."

My mysterious experience is still going on.

Not all mysteries have been solved.

As I have the ability of clairaudience, I often hear these words in a sacred space.

"The truth is in your heart"

"Live faithfully in the “truth” of your heart"

"Know that you are love and spread your love. That is your job."

As I became more open to the "invisible world," I came to think that "a way of life centred only on the visible world" was a way of life with a very narrow perspective, bound by stereotypes and prejudices.

Looking back, when I was shutting my heart to the "invisible world," I think I was a prisoner of "fixed ideas," "prejudice," and "fear."

However, when I encountered the healing that I am currently doing as a healer, I was released from that prison.

Many are unaware that "fixed ideas," "prejudice," and "fear" limit your freedom of mind and force you to lead a difficult life.

When your DNA is activated, you are freed from the negative emotions of anxiety, hesitation, fear, etc. that have long covered your mind like a thick cloud.

Many people, like me, find that the field of vision in front of them is expanding, as if magic had happened.

Freedom from "fixed ideas," "prejudice," and "fear" meant liberation from everything that had plagued me for a long time.

First, I was able to overcome a sleep disorder that had lasted for over 15 years.

I no longer have the habit of drinking alcohol to relieve anxiety.

I don't want to drink alcohol anymore.

I almost never fall into negative thoughts.

I just love myself.

This is because I am now able to accept myself as it is, including my weaknesses.

How people value me is no longer important.

I was also able to discover the purpose of life and my strengths.

I became more interested in the good side than the bad side of other people.

I have come to value invisible beauty more.

I am now motivated to take on new challenges, and new ideas come to me one after another.

There have been many other positive changes.

We often hear the phrase, "If you make a strong wish, your wish will come true." 

However, in reality, you cannot easily change the status quo simply by making a strong wish or praying to God.

For example, the "thinking habits" and "behavioural patterns" that you have been accustomed to for a long time cannot be changed so easily.

That is why I want as many people as possible to experience the changes that I have experienced and all the good changes that many others have experienced through the healing I offer.

The mission of my life is to increase the number of people on this planet who live a free and joyful life as their "true self."

Would you like to have an "experience that will dramatically change your life"?

You can start with counselling about your worries and anxieties.

If you have a problem that you cannot tell anyone, please feel free to contact me.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

My wealth of life experience may help you solve your problems and challenges.

☑ Free yourself from anxiety, fear, suffering, sadness, and anger.

☑ Realize that you are “one and only” and precious.

☑ Unleash your hidden potential abilities.

☑ And live a life that shines forever.

I will do my best to support you in order to make all of the above possible.

Sayuri Wietlisbach


The Modern Mystery School Certified Healer
Mental Care Counsellor

“Living with self-worth is very important.
However, that self-worth is not about getting conceited of your abilities or talents.
It is also not the sense of superiority that you get when you compare yourself to others.”



My Mission

The mission of my life is to increase the number of people on this planet who live a free and joyful life as their "true self."

At the same time, I am also devoting energy to promoting the activities of those who are passionate about building a "true peaceful world."

If you have any of the following wishes or thoughts, or if you are already working to make them happen, please do not hesitate to contact me.

☑I want to eliminate inequality, injustice and discrimination from the world.

☑I want to build a society free from bullying, abuse, violence, conflict and war.

☑I want to fundamentally change the school system and education.

☑I want to create a world where humans and animals can coexist happily.

☑I want to stop the destruction of nature and ecosystems due to activities based on human greed.

☑I want to eliminate the social system in which humans control humans (a system in which there are those who have power and those who submit).

☑I want to create a world where everyone has a purpose in life and can live with joy as a true self.

Do you know?
Your experience, knowledge, educational background, qualifications, age, gender, name recognition, title, and appearance are completely irrelevant in promoting these activities.

These are not your essence, but just the ornaments that colour you as a human being.

Please rely on the power of Magic to regain your true self and realize the society you desire.