The magic that unleashes your potential

Life Activation

What is The Life Activation (DNA Activation)?

Magical healing that has been passed down for over 3000 years.

The Life activation (DNA Activation) is recommended for;

Those who don't really know what they want to do.

Those who feel that they are not able to use their abilities.

Those who want to develop their potential.

Those who are tired and want to charge energy.

Those who really want to be happy.

Those who are worried about the future.

Those who want to live with hope.

Those who want to contribute to society.

Those who are facing the challenges of life.

Those who want to get rid of negative consciousness.

Those who want to develop spiritual awakening and spiritual abilities,




Treatment time: About 60 minutes


Also includes a 1-month supply of Purificato and Crystalis
- a vibrational elixir that will assist in the facilitation in the energy clearing that began with this session.


Before-and-After Photographs

Before Life activation

Only the mind is wrapped in a happy aura, but the body is exhausted.

After Life activation

The whole body is wrapped in a happy aura.


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