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Ensofic Ray Healing

Blissful healing
from the source of the universe.

We human beings are inherently free and abundant.


Being free means that we are not under anyone's control or in anyone's power, but can do what we want.


Being abundant means that we are well provided for and fulfilled.


In other words, we are inherently free from any constraints and can honestly act on what we feel.


However, the reality is that many people forget these facts and only think about how to survive - how to make a living.



This is a healing modality to free oneself from any limitations arising from oneself, to awaken to true freedom and abundance, and to be able to live life wholeheartedly and peacefully without fear of anything.


<About the programme>

- Session fee ¥40,000 (incl. tax) / set of three sessions (1 hour each session).

- Each session takes one hour and consists of a total of three sessions.

- Each session has at least a one-week interval and will be completed within one month.

- The contents of each session are as follows.


1st session: receive blissful relaxation and healing by correcting imbalances in the body and mind.

2nd session: sealing with rays of light from the universe to restore the exalted self.

3rd session: customised session to promote the retention of rays of light.


Recommended for person(s) who;

- Is involved in a stressful job every day.

- Is busy every day and does not have time to rest.

- Is not dissatisfied with his/her life, but feels inadequate.

- Wish to have a relaxed mind.

- Suffer from mental or physical problems.

- Want to experience blissful relaxation.

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