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Light Laser Healing

Healing method derived from the history of laser research

leading to the birth of psychology


Where does light come from?

It comes from Ensof (the source of all things, nothingness, the undefinable).


What is a laser?

A system that is highly directional and convergent and can keep the electromagnetic waves it generates constant.


Light-based treatments have increased in recent years.

Examples include laser surgery and optical hair removal.


What is the history of light laser?

  • Attempts to use mirrors to gather light and cure people have been around since the time of King Solomon over 3000 years ago.


  • A series of experiments and studies on visible light by a team of 19th century German scientists who took initiation from the Mystery School showed that light and toning affect the mind.


In other words, psychology was born from the study of light lasers.


Subsequently, further research into light lasers was carried out by Albert Einstein, Gordon Gould and Theodore Maiman.


How fast is light?

Light is too fast to be used as healing as it is, but it can be reduced to a speed suitable for healing by using a medium such as a bottle or crystal.


What are the benefits?

By working on the physical body and aura with light lasers, the body and mind are brought into a state of harmony and wellbeing.

Time: approx. 1 hour

Fee: 15,000 yen.

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