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Ra Tarot Reading of The True Tarot School

What is the Ra Tarot?

It is a form of Divination performed by those who inherit the esotericism of the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, the origin of the tarot.

Major difference from general tarot reading

During reading, 100% positive and powerful energy of the sun god Ra, which is the heavenly energy, flows to the client.

This 100% positive energy encourages the client's liberation and causes healing and transformation that leads to solutions to the client's worries and problems.

This is a big difference from general tarot reading.

The greatest attraction of the Ra Tarot

It's a great tool for understanding what you need to do to make your life optimal.

Make the right choices in your life and be sure to receive the positive energy of Ra, the energy of the sun, to make sure your life is going for the better.

Type of tarot deck

The Rider-Waite tarot deck


60-minute session – free

  • About 30 minutes of counselling included.


  • Sessions at the time of events may be shortened.

Reservation / Inquiries

Sayuri Wietlisbach


About reading


  • Tarot reading does not predict overall fortune.

  • The possible reading period is the past 3 months, the present, and the future 3 months.

  • We ask for specific questions, not vague or abstract questions.

  •  We provide counselling (about 30 minutes) before reading.

Why is it free? 


I am currently studying metaphysics at the Modern Mystery School (MMS) and working as an MMS certified healer.

At the same time, as a certified healer, I continue to learn a lot to provide our customers with more great programs and sessions.

One of them is the Ra Tarot reading at the True Tarot School of MMS.

Training is required to become a professional Taroist.
Therefore, I am currently holding a one-hour free
session for those who want to try tarot reading.


A kind of scholarship that explores the invisible world through theory, experience, and practice.
A discipline that studies the principles of how this world is organized, why humans exist, and where we come from and where we go, and so on.

Tarot reading:
Gain insights into the past, present and future of clients' worries and concerns by using the Tarot deck.

Tarot deck:
It consists of 78 cards and is divided into two groups, 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.


Practices trying to foresee future events and discover hidden knowledge with the help of interpretation of signs or supernatural forces.


The person who practices divination.

Divinator who does tarot reading.


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