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What is Metaphysics?

But first, do you know what 'Spirit' is?

'Spirit' means 'the source of life, the essence within all living things'.

Spirit is invisible and different from visible body and matter.

Today's society, which has lost the opportunity to properly confront the Spirit, is in fact overwhelmingly dominated by people who live in a very unbalanced state as a living organism as a result of being preoccupied only with what they can see (physical and material) and indifferent to what they cannot see.

We humans are not made up of only the visible part (the physical body), so it is not the end of the world when we die.

That is why metaphysics, which has its origins 8,000 years ago, tells us that "it is very important to use the ancient knowledge in our lives that teaches us about the visible part, the body; the invisible part, the spirit; and the soul, which connects body and spirit, in order to live as a balanced human being".

The "real meaning" of the word "metaphysics" is not something you can easily find by searching the internet.

This is because it is a wisdom that has been deliberately hidden for a long time in the history of humanity.

The most useful knowledge for humanity has not been brought to the masses, but has been monopolised by a small group of people belonging to the ruling class, such as royalty, aristocracy and priests.

Another name for metaphysics is 'kingcraft'.

Some may think that kingcraft refers to the art of ruling as a king or queen, but it is the ancient esoteric magick and teachings about the principles of the universe that have been secretly passed down for more than 8000 years among a limited and privileged class of royalty and aristocracy.

What is more, metaphysics, which has functioned as 'kingcraft' for thousands of years, is a treasure trove of science and art that all of us need to master at all costs in order to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of life.

Some people say, "I only believe in science," but that science too was born out of metaphysics.

Metaphysics, the 'knowledge that mankind really longs to know', which was made available to the public at the end of the 20th century as 'No More Secrets', has now spread to more than 60 countries around the world, including Japan, and the number of people who want to acquire it is increasing at an alarming rate.

Let's open a new door to living with joy and hope, knowing that everyone is unique in this world, and to realise your full potential!

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