What is Metaphysics?

Did you know that each of us was born into this world with a certain purpose or plan?

However, the reality is that most people end their lives without fulfilling that purpose or plan - in other words, without playing their unique role in this world.

The "real meaning" of the word "metaphysics" is not something you can easily find by searching the internet.

This is because it is a wisdom that has been deliberately hidden for a long time in the history of humanity.

The most useful knowledge for humanity has not been brought to the masses, but has been monopolised by a small group of people belonging to the ruling class, such as royalty, aristocracy and priests.

As a result, the consciousness of the majority of people in mainstream society has become dominated by resignation and compromise: life is full of suffering, life is what it is and cannot be changed, and the ordinary life is the best.

In other words, most people do not use the true knowledge of life, 'metaphysics', forgetting the potential hidden within themselves and living their lives without implementing their own brilliant life plan, which they decided before they were born.

Another name for metaphysics is 'kingcraft'.

Some may think that kingcraft refers to the art of ruling as a king or queen, but it is the ancient esoteric magick and teachings about the principles of the universe that have been secretly passed down for more than 8000 years among a limited and privileged class of royalty and aristocracy.

What is more, metaphysics, which has functioned as 'kingcraft' for thousands of years, is a treasure trove of science and art that all of us need to master at all costs in order to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of life.

Metaphysics, the 'knowledge that mankind really longs to know', which was made available to the public at the end of the 20th century as 'No More Secrets', has now spread to more than 60 countries around the world, including Japan, and the number of people who want to acquire it is increasing at an alarming rate.

Everyone has their own unique and brilliant life plan from the time they were born into this world.

To properly implement it, to find the joy of living, and to find the answer to how to lead each day in great abundance, why not study metaphysics with us at a school that inherits the ancient wisdom and secret arts?

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